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Made from the finest, 100% silk, ‘bye bye’ to bed-head, so you wake up each morning to smooth, glossy and frizz-free hair. Ultra-chic and comfortable to wear, ‘The silk turban’ helps your hair (whether long or short) to extend time between washes and blow-dries, minimise breakage and reduce the friction that contributes to split-ends and static.

Silk Turban Colors Gold & Green, Blue & Green, Orange & Pink, Candy apple red

  • Who would have thought that something so seemingly simple could prove so revelatory? The Silk Hair Turban is a pure silk slip-on, slip-off cocoon designed to condition and protect precious strands from the friction that takes place while you’re sleeping.

    Worn nightly, this stylish solution acts as a protective barrier between hair and your pillowcase – providing the ideal environment for your hair to thrive. The results? Because hair is protected during its ‘Anagen’ (growing) phase, you should see an increase in length and thickness, as well as an improvement in condition as the silk helps to distribute oils evenly along each hair shaft. If you style your hair, the results of your efforts should last longer (also – mangled mane into a crowning glory! Oh, and to keep your hair in tip-top condition, we recommend replacing your Silk Hair Wrap every four to six months for safely protected, happy hair.

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